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Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Hall Of Fame

Reb Beach Inducted 2010 
Donnie Iris Inducted 2010 
Joe Gruschecky Inducted 2010 
Paul Gilbert Inducted 2011 
The Clarks Inducted 2011/td> 
Bret Michaels Inducted 2011
Trent Reznor Inducted 2012
Granati Brothers Inducted 2012
Norman Nardini Inducted 2013>
Xander Demos Inducted 2013
Anti-Flag Inducted 2013
Randy Weitzel Inducted 2014
Christina Aguilera Inducted 2015
BE Taylor Inducted 2016
Rusted Root Inducted 2017
Mac Miller Inducted 2018
Wiz Khalifa Inducted 2018 
Freddie Nelson Inducted 2021 
Robby Meyers Inducted 2022 
Jake Hursch Inducted 2022 
Mark Anthony Inducted 2023