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A Life Once Lost – Garfield Artworks – 12/14/2012

In your face, literally, is a perfect way to describe A Life Once Lost’s performance at Garfield Artworks on Friday December 14. The storefront type venue on Penn Avenue was a very interesting space for this metal show, especially after seeing them as part of Ozzfest 2006.
Bob, the singer took to the floor among the crowd rather than standing on the stage and he needed the space for the energy he puts into his intense performance. The band was loud and sounded tight and was great for an end of the week metal show to release the tension from the week. The small crowd allowed for a maximum amount of interaction with the band, talking about other venues they have played in the Pittsburgh area over the years. As they were finishing up, a member of the audience yelled for them to do “Vulture” which is a song that featured Randy Blythe from their 2005 release Hunter and the band shrugged their shoulders and said, “OK, we’ll do Vulture.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band take a request from the audience and it was a perfect song to end the show with.
The tickets were very cheap ($13), parking was actually very easy to find and free and the venue was very small with allowed for interaction with the band which is something that any fan always appreciates.

– Angela T.