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CD Review: Blackmore’s Night – Nature’s Light

At this point, anyone paying attention knows about Blackmore’s Night’s style of music. Many years ago, Candice Night joined us on the Iron City Rocks Podcast (Episode 95) to talk about their passion for the style. What is interesting at this point is having seen Richie and Candice do the Rainbow reunions and having that “rock-star” image of them when listening to their latest album Nature’s Light. You almost have to adjust your mind to the two back in the world of renaissance music for the second time.

Nature’s Light is first album to be released in six years and first since the Rainbow shows. Songs like “Feather in the Wind” and the first single, “Once Upon December” combine Candice’s beautiful and soothing voice with the unmistakable rhythms and phrasing of Mr Blackmore. The instrumental “Darker Shade of Black” starts out with an organ that almost causes the listener to expect the late Jon Lord to be given back to us. It’s a haunting, string driven pieces that captures a feeling so well. “Four Winds”, dare I say, is almost a rock track done with renaissance instruments. It also contains what might be one of Richie’s finest electric guitar solos in decades. This track could be the perfect bridge for Rainbow/Deep Purple fans to appreciate Blackmore’s Night.

“The Twisted Oak” will have you asking yourself “what instrument is that?” at the beginning. The title track, “Nature’s Light”, comes at you like a tour de force with the orchestration. The melody could almost cause one to dance uncontrollably. From their a totally different direction with instrumental “Der Letzte Musketier” (translated “The Last Musketeer”. The track features the Hammond B3 base and Richie soloing majestically over the changes. “Wish You Where Here 2021” is a remake of the 1997 stand-out track from the Shadows of the Moon album. “Going to the Faire” is quite simply a happy song. There are a million words that could describe it but if you let your mind follow the lyrics and melody, happy sums it up quite well. “Second Element” rounds out the album. Candice really shines with such a gentle, calming performance against the acoustic guitar.

Nature’s Light is available for purchase here and will be available March 12, 2021.