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DVD Review: The Who – Isle Of Wight 2004

From the first chords of “Can’t Explain”  you could tell this was going to be a unique look at the Who.  This wasn’t a mammoth stage, just Roger, Pete and the band withing feet of each out.  There was not a giant visual production, just a blistering two plus hour set.  There were no video curtains or over done lighting rigs.  This was almost what you’d expect to see in a rehearsrel room.  And it worked on many levels.  The Who headlined the Saturday night slot of the festival which drew an estimated 35,000 to Seaclose Park on the Isle of Wight.  Their 1970 appearance was captured and is also available on DVD.  Pete Townsend played aggressively, cracked jokes and urged the sound men to turn the volume.  The mix of the audio is outstanding.  Roger’s voice is right where it needs to be to hear him and you feel like Pete’s Stratocaster is right next to you with its signature tone.  The Who’s Live At The Isle Of Wight 2004 is available June 9th of Eagle Rock Entertainment.  If you are going to watch one DVD of the post-Entwistle Who, this is the one to see.