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DVD Review – Twisted Christmas: Live in Las Vegas

Six years ago Twisted Sister took a giant leap of faith when Jay Jay French had the idea to do a metal Christmas album.  The album, Twisted Christmas,  has gone on to be the band’s best selling album since the 1980’s.  If by some reason you don’t ready own it, either use the link on this page to get it or stop reading.  It is an essential album to break out every December.  Not long after the release of Twisted Christmas, the band release a A Twisted Christmas Live on DVD.   The DVD showed the band in a relatively small club doing a mix of the Christmas music and their bigger hits.  In 2012 the band is back with a new audio/DVD package entitled Twisted Christmas: Live in Las Vegas. This shows the band on a grander scale. They have tooled the show into a more visual experience complete with gift wrapped guitars with blinking lights. The band looks almost exactly as they did in 1985. They sound even better. Seeing this video will really make most hard rocks fans hungry for the band to do a full scale tour again.  If you need to get yourself a little something to get in the mood for the holidays, give Christmas a “Twist” this year