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Episode 334: Rocktopia’s Rob Evan

In Episode 334 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we are joined by the co-creator and vocalist of Rocktopia, Rob Evan. Rocktopia is a revolutionary performance celebrating the fusion of classical music with classic rock. Rob Evan is no stranger at all to either genre. Hailing from Monticello, Georgia, Rob has performed on Broadway in Jekyll & Hyde, a featured vocalist in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and lead vocalist for Jim Steinman’s The Dream Engine. Rob talks to us about the inspiration for Rocktopia, the difficulties in traveling with such a large ensemble, what he has learned in working with the likes of Jim Steinman and Paul O’Neill, and how he has developed such an amazing singing voice. Rocktopia will be appearing at The Palace Theatre in Greensburg on March 31. The complete listing of tour dates can be found at