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Episode 366 – Vermithrax

In Episode 366 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we talk to Vermithrax vocalist Croy about their new EP – VOLUME II: Imperium Draconus and the Kickstarter campaign that is going on right now through March 10th.  You can check out their campaign here

Kickstarter Link:


“Gentlemen, there is thunder coming towards us! Simply five songs, five hits… A sound, which does not leave anything left remaining in either force or transparency… riffs and song ideas that are putting much of the competition to shame. VERMITHRAX created music somewhere between NEVERMORE/SANCTUARY, FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT. ‘Croy’ proves his vocal range can go from Warrel Dane over Tim Aymar to Chuck Billy impressively, without sounding like a copy of the vocalists mentioned. We need them to set free the fires of this dragon from the city of Pittsburgh, PA (USA).”  – Strike Magazine / Streetclips.TV -Germany

“You really have no excuse not to check out what this lot have to offer, especially if you are a fan of Iced Earth, Nevermore, Testament, Sanctuary and Metal Church. This is most certainly Thrash but it’s a slightly more ‘reserved’ progressive Thrash and it is damned fine, indeed. Production is great, with the bass coming through like a mighty beast, guitar work is big, meaty and the solos beautiful, vocals are brutal but full of melody and the drums more than give you the knockout punch you need when listening to Thrash of any sorts. There’s no messing around, Vermithrax go for the throat and breathe fire with the best of them.”  – Brutiful Metal Radio -US