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Episode 432: Brian Posehn

In Episode 432 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we talk to Comedian, Actor, Writer and Metalhead Brian Posehn. Brian will be releasing Grandpa Metal, his first music only metal album, on February 14th. Brian talks to us about how he, along with a host of metal all-stars, put together the album, how he incorporates metal in his stand-up and how he’s built an amazing resume of film and TV work together.

Grandpa Metal Tracklist (with credits):
01. Intro to Satan (Written by Brian Posehn; organ by Jacob Bunton)
02. Satan Is Kind of a Dick (Lyrics: Brian Posehn, Music: Scott Ian; solo: Gary Holt)
03. Scary Nightmare (Written by Brian Posehn)
04. 1/4 Viking 3/4 Pussy (Lyrics: Posehn, music: Ian, Donais; Solo: Alex Skolnick; guest vocals: Johan Hegg)
05. Big Fat Rock (Lyrics: Posehn/Trohman; Music: Joe Trohman; Solo: Phil Demmel; Guitars: Joe Trohman)
06. My Phone Call with Weird Al (Written by Brian Posehn; featuring Weird Al)
07. Take on Me (A-ha cover; Arrangement: Brendon Small; Solo: Rob Cavestany; Guest vocals: Jill Janus, Chuck Billy, Steve “Zetro” Souza; Guest Back ups: Rob Cavestany, Aiden Cavestany)
08. Grandpa Metal (Lyrics: Posehn/Trohman; Music: Ian; Solo: Kim Thayil)
09. New Music Sucks (Lyrics: Posehn; Music, Small; Guest vocals: Patrick Stump)
10. New Music Sucks Reprise (Lyrics: Posehn; Music: Trohman)
11. Goblin Love (Lyrics: Posehn, Music: Ian; Solo: Brendon Small, Guest Goblin: Jill Janus)
12. Monster Mosh (Lyrics: Posehn, Music: Trohman; Solo: Bumblefoot; Guest Vocals: Pearl Aday; Guitars: Joe Trohman)
13. The Fox, What The Fox Say (Ylvis cover; Guest Vocals: Corey Taylor, Michael Starr)
14. Super Secret Track (Written by Brian Posehn)