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Ghost – Stage AE – 9/25/2015

Ghost at Stage AE on 9/25/2015

–  Ghost dropped by Stage AE this Friday on their Black to the Future tour, and the masses flocked to see Papa Emeritus III and the Nameless Ghouls hold service in fine fashion.  The band is supporting their third album Meliora.  Ghost’s stage show began with the haunting “Miserere mei, Dues” and then the very creepy and fitting “Masked Ball” by Jocelyn Pook.  The Nameless Ghouls then filed onto the stage and Papa Emeritus III appeared and they began the evening with the song “Spirit” off their newest album.  The band played almost the entire album Meliora along with a good selection of their back catalog.  Papa Emeritus III ditched his pope’s robes for a scaled back tuxedo for the song “Cirice” and followed it immediately with “Year Zero.” By this time the crowd was going nuts and Ghost has proven that they are more than just a gimmick. The band even did a small acoustic performance of “Jigolo Har Migido.”  While Ghost may not be a band for everyone with their overly satanic imagery and lyrics, they are a very talented band that puts on one hell of a show.  Check out the pics below.