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DVD Review – Mötley Crüe – The End

Gutsy. That’s what you call waiting to film a concert DVD on the final night of a tour. Mötley. That’s what you call filming your last show EVER for a DVD.  At least that’s the pledge from Mick, Vince, Tommy and Nikki that 12/31/15 was the last ever show of the legendary Mötley Crüe.  Time will tell if that promise sticks.  The End provides something different that previous Crüe video releases.  This show was, dare I say, somber in some respects.  Sure it had plenty of pyro, fire shooting basses, dancing girls and four-letter works.  This is the Crüe.  This was a slightly more “family friendly” Crüe show.  Tommy left his hand-held camera at home, Nikki gave what might be called an inspirational talk to the audience, and Vince couldn’t fight back the tears.  What made this film interesting was that it was a warts-and-all time capsule.  Sure there were some obvious backing tracks, Vince pitchy for most of the night, and Tommy’s roller coaster broke down.  Then again Mötley isn’t Dream Theater.  That isn’t what anyone expected or wanted.  Just in time for the gift giving season, pick this up for your friends and dig out your Allister Fiend t-shirt.