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Psychostick – Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh – 5/14/2013

Tuesday night humorcore legends Psychostick brought The Our Tour Can Beat Up Your Tour to the Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh at Station Square. They brought with them Shrouded In Neglect (SIN) as their opening act. Hailing from Steubenville, Ohio, Shrouded In Neglect is self described as a group with meaningful lyrics and a heavy tone. Tuesday night they nailed their description right on the head. Cyndi Lancaster (vocals) had such a strong voice on stage it was amazing to hear. She laid down melodies and she can belt out the lyrics like she did when they covered “Killing In The Name” from Rage Against the Machine. Putting her voice on top of Nate Kepner’s crushing rhythm guitar chugs, Rocky Johnson’s smooth and solid bass lines and Jake Marker’s insane drumming and it made for an awesome set!

Psychostick comes from Tempe, AZ and had an energy level on stage most bands only wish they had. Compiling the high energy with their unique outfits on stage and it’s a show you shouldn’t miss. Tuesday night at the Hard Rock was no different. Playing songs like “Because Boobs”, “Girl Directions”, their newest hit “Dogs Like Socks”, and their biggest hit “Beer” kept the crowd active and entertained for their entire set. Rawrb’s vocals were strong and powerful, The J’s guitar playing was awesome, Schmalex was an animal on drums and Moose was very entertaining on the bass. If and when they come back to Pittsburgh it’s something you want to check out.