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Steve Vai – Hard Rock Live – 10/25/2016

There were three reasons to celebrate in Cleveland Tuesday night. The Cavaliers received their title

rings, The Indians won the first game of the World Series and more up my alley…Steve Vai was at the

Northfield HardRock Casino celebrating the 25 th Anniversary of his ground breaking Passion & Warfare.

After Bad Horsie, The Crying Machine, Gravity Storm (a personal favorite) and Tender Surrender. A video

appeared with Brian May introducing Passion & Warfare and then we were off on a journey down

memory lane that made Vai a household name.

A stunning version of “Stevie’s Spanking” from his days with Frank Zappa was a welcomed surprise

helped close out the main set along with Racing the World and Fire Garden Suite IV.

Vai has a catalog worthy of a case of mason jars. Hopefully, this is the first of many complete album

shows he lets out of the jar.

Photos by Steve Kalinsky