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Summerland Tour 2015 – Stage AE – 6/19/2015

On June 19th the 2015 edition of the Summerland Tour rolled into Pittsburgh’s Stage AE.  The Summerland tour was founded by Everclear singer Art Alexakis in 2012 and features a rotating lineup some of the biggest bands from the 90’s. This year’s lineup consisted of Everclear, Toadies, Fuel and American Hi-Fi and the nostalgia was felt throughout the audience.

First up was American Hi-Fi kicking things off with the track “Scar.”  The crowd started off kind of thin, but once the bad was well into the second song the crowd was growing and and things were starting to get off the ground.

Up next was Fort Worth based band Toadies kicking off their set with the hit “I Come From the Water.” The band recently re-released their debut album Rubberneck to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Fuel took the stage next with Brett Scallions being the only original member.  The band turned up the energy and really got the crowd moving.

Everclear closed out the night with American Hi-Fi vocalist Stacy Jones filling in on drums.  Everclear’s set included songs spanning the bands long career, but also included songs from their newest release Black is the New Black.

While all the bands may be showing a little bit of their age, the music is what matters, and the sounds that filled the air was a great trip down memory lane.

American Hi-Fi at Stage AE on 6/19/2015

The Toadies at Stage AE on 6/19/2015

Fuel at Stage AE on 6/19/2015

Everclear at Stage AE on 6/19/2015