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DVD Review – Scorpions – Live in Munich


The Scorpions could be compared the the Energizer Bunny or hard rock.  They not only keep going and going but they do so at a very high level.  The Scorpions latest DVD/Bluray release “Live In Munich” prove just that.  This film captures a stunning visual show and the bands sounds as good as ever.  Klaus Meine’s vocals are just a sharp as they were when the band first exploded on the US scene well over 30 years ago.  Matthias and Rudolf trade leads and pounding riffs.  James Kottack, although no longer in the band in favor if Mikey Dee, put on a tremendous performance not only on the drums but in keeping up vocal harmonies with Klaus. Paweł Mąciwoda glues it all together on bass.  Coming in right around 2 hours the set-list itself really covers the band’s hits while keeping it interesting throwing in some newer songs like “Sting In The Tail” and “Raised On Rock” with some lesser played singles like “Tease Me Please Me”.

Track listing:

01. Sting In The Tail
02. Make It Real
03. Is There Anybody There?
04. The Zoo
05. Coast To Coast
06. Loving You Sunday Morning
07. We’ll Burn The Sky
08. The Best Is Yet To Come
09. Send Me An Angel
10. Holiday
11. Raised On Rock
12. Tease Me Please Me
13. Hit Between The Eyes
14. Kottak Attack
15. Blackout
16. Big City Nights
17. Still Loving You
18. Wind Of Change
19. No One Like You
20. Rock You Like A Hurricane
21. When The Smoke Is Going Down