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Hatebreed – Mr Smalls Theatre – 4/9/2013

Hatebreed Never Disappoints and their show April 9, 2013 at Mr Smalls Theatre was no exception. Jamey Jasta & the band always hit the stage with the intensity of a fighter in the ring and don’t give up until the house lights come up. For someone not familiar with the band, their songs are all very short, most around the two minute mark and while based on Jasta’s vocal style they sound violent, their lyrics are actually very positive.

Hatebreed is very grateful for their fans and told the crowd filled with diehards that even though they were just through Pittsburgh recently with Five Finger Death Punch & All That Remains in the fall of 2011 and just six months ago with Whitechapel, they demanded to come back to Pittsburgh as the opening date of this tour with This Is Hell, Job For a Cowboy, Terror & Every Time I Die. In true Pittsburgh form, they were welcomed back and Jamey told the crowd that he was telling their booking agent that every tour has to come through Pittsburgh.

They started their brutal set with songs from their new album, The Divinity of Purpose including singles “Put it to the Torch” and “Honor Never Dies” and knowing that the crowd was filled with fans that have followed them for years, they played a large variety of their older songs including “Live for This” and “Destroy Everything”. Always wanting to make their fans happy, Jamey told the crowd that they wanted us to feel like we got our money’s worth and thanked everyone for coming out to see them despite all of the Metal & Hardcore shows that do come through Western Pennsylvania. He also thanked the crowd many times for buying the new album which for the first time in the band’s history debuted at number one on the hard rock charts.

Jamey Jasta is one of the best frontmen in the business. He knows how to get the crowd going; shaking hands, requesting circle pits, telling the crowd to put their hands in the air and to sing along. Hatebreed respects their fans and their fans clearly love them.

“If you don’t live for something, you’ll die for nothing.”