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Terror – Mr Smalls Theatre – 4/9/2013

Scott Vogel and the rest of the Los Angeles based band Terror whipped the crowd into a frenzy from the moment they hit the stage at Mr Smalls Theatre on April 9, 2013. Their new album, Live by the Code dropped that day and they seemed thrilled to share both their new and old songs and Pittsburgh definitely made them feel welcome. The amount of energy they expended was incredible and the crowd didn’t need any help getting going. They encouraged the crowd to “make the security guys do their jobs” and requested several circle pits, to which the crowd happily obliged and in true hardcore form, told the crowd to take care of each other. They did a mix of old & new songs and the band didn’t stop moving the entire time they were on the stage, Scott stalking side to side and front to back as well as jumping.
Incredible high energy set and great Hardcore music!