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Slayer – KeyBank Pavilion – 6/9/2018

By Frank Harrington.

Why did the farmer start a thrash metal band? He was tired of Hall & Oates (say it like haulin’ oats for
comedic effect and a credit to comedian Neil Hamburger for the joke). What a time for two polar
opposite entertainment options to appear in our region in the same night. Say it isn’t so, but Hall and
Oates happen to be playing downtown on the same night as America’s beloved thrash metal band Slayer
bring the curtain down to their 37 year bone crushing career. While Hall & Oates fans are queuing up
buying Pink Squirrels and hear “Sara Smile” Slayer fans want to see Sara rain blood.
Ten years ago if someone were to say “Slayer will do a farewell tour with Anthrax, Testament and Lamb
of God and Behemoth” I would have responded with “yeah that will happen when Donald Trump is
President.” The metal gods answered and made our dreams come true bringing this road show to
Burgettstown for an unforgettable fist pumping evening.
If hell has a house band Slayer will have an eternity of employment unless they disagree on the devils
merch cut . Formed in 1981, Slayer has been the only thrash metal band that stuck to its story.
Whenever they are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Kennedy Center, the words
“collaboration with Miss Piggy and Lou Reed,” will not be loaded in the teleprompter and definitely
won’t be invited to Daryl’s House.
Shortly after 9pm, repeated chants of “we want Slayer” swept through the countryside. 9:20 arrived
and our last trip down metal memory lane filled the nicotine and nacho cheese air with fire and
chestnuts that united a few generations for the grand goodbye.
There are three times in a young man’s life that are life altering, avoiding a dodge ball from the school
bully, becoming a Bar Mitzvah and circle moshing to Anthrax’s “Indians.” As Forest Gump would say
“that’s all I have to say about that.”

What can be said about Lamb of God? Feel free to write a letter to the editor.

After six hours and five thrash metal bands the only thing missing were goat leggings and a sacrifice of
the virgin Connie Swail. Was this really be the end of Slayer? If so, they went out in a blaze of hell fire.
As for the fans who attended the Hall & Oates concert, they are out of touch.