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Vinyl Review: Creed – Human Clay

When Creed released their sophomore album in 1999 no one could have imagined that it would go on to sell 20 million copies world-wide. In the post-Napster world a rock album selling 2 million copies is rare so it was not surprising that at the time not many vinyl copies of the album were produced and sold. In 1999 who wanted vinyl? On October 11, 2019, Craft Recordings will give the album only its second pressing every. Human Clay will be available in a 2-LP edition. In edition to earning Diamond Certification the album spawned two Top-10, four Top-5 Mainstream and a Grammy for Best Rock Song. Songs like “Arms Wide Open”, “Higher”, and “What If” to this day are rock and alternative radio staples. Craft Records gives collectors and audiophiles the opportunity to own this title without paying the secondary market’s “higher” prices (couldn’t resist)

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Are You Ready?

2. What If

3. Beautiful

Side B

1. Say I

2. Wrong Way

3. Faceless Man

Side C

1. Never Die

2. With Arms Wide Open

3. Higher

Side D

1. Wash Away Those Years

2. Inside Us All