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CD Review: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Live in Birmingham 2016

Ritchie Blackmore spent years in pursuit of his love of Renaissance music which left a void for his rock music fans.  On June 9th Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a two CD set,  Live In Birmingham 2016.  This makes an excellent companion to the 2016 DVD release of Memories In Rock which both present the triumphant return of Ritchie to rock.  In both packages what really jumps off the page is the work of vocalist Ronnie Romero.  The Rainbow/Deep Purple catalog is full of some of the greatest vocalists in rock music.  It is truly considered hallowed ground.  Ronnie’s voice does well to deliver a powerful performance that blends the highs of Graham Bonnet, to soul of David Coverdale, the power of Dio and the smoothness of Ian Gillian.  No easy task for any singer.    The set covers all the classic Rainbow hits and a nice sampling of the mega-hits of Deep Purple.  Live In Birmingham 2016 is a can’t miss for any fan of any point in Ritchie’s rock career.  And for Blackmore’s Night fans, Candice is right there on background vocals.  Win-win.